Oscar gave a lot of his old clothes to a homeless man that he met recently.

Can I use your dictionary for a minute?

You should know the Earth isn't the centre of the cosmos.

We have only one objective.


I have midterms next week.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

This adds color to his way of speaking.

You know Sandeep used to live in Boston, don't you?

They enjoy reading novels.


I need you to go to the post office for me.

Can you imagine dating Soohong, for example?

Fathers and teachers, I ponder, "What is hell?" I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.

Even though he is 38, he still depends on his parents.

My house is only a mile from here.

All their efforts were in vain.

I hope it's worth it.


Lawrence has gone to school.

I'm doing what I think is right.

I ought to have known better.

Is this new model available on the market?

If you do your best, no one will blame you.

I did not want to attract attention.

I'm showing an interest in the classics.

You will do exactly as I say.

How long have you been in Boston?

Is this the right thing to do?

Let's celebrate!


Rodney is excellent at drawing.

Clarissa was the only one here when that happened.

The U.S. government has three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.

He has been like a father to me.

There are too many people in the park.

His new book added to his reputation.

Are you busy?


I'm feeding the goldfish.

He helps us.

I simply don't have the time.

Reinhard knows wines.

We just need thirty minutes.

He makes young girls' hearts flutter.

You're different.

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I took Jennifer to a hospital.

I heartily congratulate you on your success.

Anna has finally had enough.


I didn't mean to hit him.

Look, I said no!

I just wanted to try it once.

Hirofumi and his team worked around the clock to get the job finished.

Knut and I both want to go to Boston.

He has written an antibarbarus.

I know that you still want me to call you.

Do I deserve this?

We don't want to start any rumors.

I have seen him twice since I left school.

We'll go to Hong Kong first, and then we'll go to Singapore.

You'll find the shop between a bank and a school.

I am from Russia.


That's pretty clear.


You're as beautiful as ever.

You will fix it, won't you?

Save me some ice cream.


Mechael is trying not to laugh.

An application of a qualifier precludes non-partaking instances from the compound meaning of a term.

They boy and the girl felt awkward after they confessed their love for each other.

Can you ride a horse?

I think Ted is immature.


Eileen pulled out a whistle and blew it.


No, I don't. I want to learn sometime.

At last, we got through with the hard work.

I am not able to do it by any means.

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That's a student my father teaches.

I expect everything will go according to plan.

I can't let you go.

Everyone may go home.

Suddenly, a good idea occurred to me.

I'm surprised that she did such a thing.

I've been waiting for this to happen.

I have quit smoking and drinking.

How often do you wash your gym clothes?

Lars bought Kemal a box of cookies.

I can't wait to get out of here.

They're gaining on us.

To the best of my knowledge, he's an honest man.

Kenton has been waiting for Lyndon all afternoon.

What are you busy with?

Let's ask at the circulation desk.

I have more than one thing I'm good at.

Don't carry a practical joke too far.

What Terry really wanted to do was stay at home and watch TV.


That guy still doesn't know who I am.

Lindsay left about an hour ago with Ritchey.

With a little planning, I think we can take our company to the top.

You'll get it.

I don't care for television very much.

That's the author whose book you praised yesterday.

Glen skipped school.

You're working too hard. Take it easy for a while.

She talked my ears off.


Just this morning, Edgar repaid Grace the money he owed her.

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I would love to see the Northern Lights.


None of us are opposed to her ideas.

Don't act like you don't know what's happening.

Wayne didn't show up at the party yesterday.

I'm coming to pick you up.

He persuaded his firm to let him go back to his old job.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years.

Is Elliott really only thirty?

You can stay here as long as you don't make any noise.

Did Anthony talk to you?

Yours is better.

Devon saw something floating in the pool.

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I'm going to correct this.

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I have had such a busy morning.

Jeanette was asleep.

I still remember how I felt when I heard Marika's voice on the phone for the first time.


The guests won't arrive for an hour. In the meantime, we can set the table.

He drove slowly up the hill.

I would have taken care of him if I had known that he was ill with a fever.


Has anyone actually talked to Mats?


Sean isn't guilty.

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The ring has a diamond in it.

She was ill with heart disease.

That scarf is very becoming on you; the color really brings out your eyes.


Brett looks downcast.


Moncalvo is the smallest town in Italia.

I can't believe you're buying this.

The ship's captain had no schedule in particular.

It's a risk we're all prepared to take.

You're welcome to join me.

We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.

What is the lowest point in Mississippi ?

Laura kidnapped Tracy.

I am losing my soul.

Alex must've made it up.

We gave the first step, now we just have to keep going.

It's really very annoying.

I don't see any reason why you can't come with us.

The kitten lapped up the milk I poured into the saucer.

You don't need to do sports.

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He extended the knowledge of biochemistry.

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Would you like some coffee?

Rumors have been circulating.

He was looking for his daughter.

Can we try something else?

We found the front door locked.


She told the children an interesting story.

We must party.

Apparently, people will never know the answer to this question, no matter how much they may try to.

That's really not the same thing.

He is often absent from school.

Anatole allowed Helge to go home early.

Neville ate one slice of Swiss cheese.

The child is father to the man.

I'm not going to teach you how to do that.


It should be made illegal.


A snack will stay your hunger.


I've been following your exploits, and I must say that they're quite inspiring. You've certainly earned my respect.

Kissinger was an expert on foreign relations.

A DNA test proved he was innocent.

Hikers were warned to be careful because the trail was uneven underfoot and had tree roots growing on it.

Delbert's the only one who could've done this.


Pat and I are busy tonight.

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That's something people wonder about.

I've misplaced my glasses, but I need them in order to look for them.

The ball went one way and the goalkeeper went the other.

I'm afraid you misunderstood me.

Suwandi has got his whole life in front of him.